Cotton rope toy with a knot in the middle


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HIGH QUA­LI­TY - Made with Pre­mium 100% Natu­ral Cot­ton Fibers with Non-Toxic Qua­li­ty Mate­rials Play Safe and Play Hap­py

DURABLE CHEW TOY––Made with ext­ra thick rope, lengt­hen and strengt­he­ned joint con­nec­tions.

TUG OF WAR -, Great For Rope Tug

EASY TO WASH - unli­ke your dog, was­hing this toy is super con­ve­nient. This toy is mac­hi­ne was­hable and has no sque­a­ker! It’s a plush rope toy for chewing and teet­hing pup­pies. Unli­ke balls or stuf­fed ani­mal toys, the rope toy is simple and durable, for long las­ting inte­rac­ti­ve play.

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