Lint roller with two refills



ONE 60 SHEETS LINT ROL­LER WITH 2*60 SHEETS REFILLS (180 SHEETS): Finn­pet lint rol­ler set comes in a pack of 3 rol­lers with 60 stic­ky sheets in each rol­ler. High qua­li­ty mate­rials and huge num­ber of sheets pro­vi­de long term of usa­ge to our pro­fes­sio­nal hair remo­val rol­ler. Rol­lers are very easy to use and quick to chan­ge.

SPI­RAL TEA­RING SHEETS: Specia­lized spi­ral tea­ring for more con­ve­nient sheet remo­val

EXT­RA STIC­KY: What made our hair remo­val rol­lers so good? The answer is all-new, non-toxic lint brush, harsh che­micals free, ult­ra strong stic­ky sheets. Our rol­lers work per­fect­ly even after mul­tiple uses and with the lon­gest dog or cat hair pos­sible. You will easi­ly remo­ve all even smal­lest hair from all types of mate­rials and fabrics wit­hout any issues and you can be sure that your clot­hes won’t be dama­ged during the clea­ning.

★ 100% MONEY BACK GUA­RAN­TEE: If you feel due to any rea­son that you are not hap­py with your purc­ha­se, let us know and we’ll send you a full refund with no ques­tions asked.